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You can choose to rent any of the electric car models on offer. Take a look at the vehicle features and select the one that best suits your needs, there is a model for each style of travel and each type of driver.

Once you have chosen the car, you will see where it is available and you will be able to book. We work with the most prestigious companies in the Rent-a-car sector.

Where Can I Rent an Electric Car?

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The map below shows the points where you can pick up an electric car or scooter. You can also see hotels with recharging stations. Don’t forget to take a look at the Green routes section where you can find inspiration for your next electric ride.

Select any of the points of car rental and you will see what models are available and make the reservation at the best price.

Electric Car Rental

… is the perfect choice for those of us interested in protecting the environment. New technologies contribute to make cars greener, more efficient and easy to use.

With these technological advances, the popularity of electric vehicles is growing.

Now, renting an electric car through Wattacars means you can enjoy cutting-edge technology and become environmentally friendly.

Vehicles for hire, both cars and motorbikes, come with electric motors which make them very smooth to drive. The state-of-the-art equipment and latest technological advances mean high performance and maximum road safety.

They make driving even more of a pleasure.


There are more and more cities increasing their commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gases and NOX particles.

Many large urban concentrations are investing in Charging Points for electric vehicles, to make it easier to recharge your car batteries and ensure you can drive anywhere without worrying about the range of your vehicle.

This transformation is not limited to larger towns and cities; smaller villages and numerous suburbs are also opting for new technologies, which means an increasing number of people are able to consider the change to electric mobility.

Wattacars offers you the opportunity to rent electric cars and electric motorcycles at the best price thanks to our agreements with the most prestigious rent-a-car companies, enabling you to be one of the pioneers who contribute to improving the environment and the world.

Electric Car Rental

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