Exploring the limits of electric car

The day rises sunny and with my #Nissan Leaf30 fully loaded I am ready to start my route. Today I have some meetings out of the city. When I go out, the range display indicates 198 km (ECO mode, air conditioning ON).
The first 52 km I drive in the area of ​​#SantCugatdelVallès, up and down steep streets, in several short runs of 13-20 km each, returning to the starting point, ie, equal negative and positive slope, maximum speed of 50 km/h and climate control on automatic mode. The outdoor temperature is quite high, we are two passengers inside the car, we drive ECO mode. After traveling 52 km, the system estimated range shows 162 km.

On the motorway with the electric car

By midmorning, without recharging the battery, I leave Sant Cugat through the AP7 motorway. The outside temperature is 30 degrees and again I have the air conditioning on automatic mode. ECO drive mode as well and a speed of 90-105 km/h. Immediately I realise that the range indicator goes up! instead of going down for several kilometers. On leaving the highway, I still recover some km of range. Besides driving a little below the average speed of the other cars, I do nothing different from what I have always done when driving. I have my mobile phone connected, the inside temperature even too cold for my taste and the radio on.
I arrive in Mataró having driven for 103 km and a remaining range of 106 km.
After a short tour of Vilassar de Mar, I decide to come back through the C32. I try to keep the speed between 100 and 105 km/h, though as the speed is limited to 80 km/h in several sections and the traffic is dense I drive at 70-80 km/h most of the way.

Making the most of the battery

When I arrive in Sant Cugat, the mileometer shows 173 km and the remaining range indicator, 36 km left. So I decide not to plug in the charger and try if I can really get to these 209 km. I drive not too far away from my parking lot :) making several short trips until I reach 210 km. At this point I decide to stop the experiment and connect the charger.

Test passed

The performance of 210 km is far from the 250 km of the NEDC cycle, but it is more than a reasonable distance for many commuters.
I forgot to tell you, that on the way back to Sant Cugat I even drove without the ECO mode on the last uphill streets :)!