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All your cars are electric?

Wattacars believe in e-mobility, so we work mainly with cars and bikes which are 100% electric.

However, we also include some REX (extended range) models and plug-in hybrids, whenever their range in electric mode is greater than 40 km.

What will it cost me in total to rent a car?

The total cost of your rental vehicle is exactly as contained on our website, and will be the base price for the rental period plus any extras you add. As an extra, we also offer the possibility of reducing your damage liability. At the end of the booking process you will see the total price for your rental.

Do I have to pay the refills during the rental period?

Currently, many areas provide free charging for electric vehicles. You will be given the information you need at the point of collection and in many cases you will receive recharge cards, which will allow you to use the public network or a dedicated private network. Please bear in mind that this situation may vary according to the location you intend to visit and we recommend that you carefully read the information on each vehicle which can be found on our website.

You can also load your vehicle in the hotels with customer recharging plugs that you can book through our website.

Is it difficult to drive an electric car?

Absolutely not. Electric cars are automatic, they have no gears, so they are even easier to drive than conventional cars. All electric models have gear positions drive (D), reverse (R), neutral (N) and parking (P) . In addition, they have a driving mode selector which usually has modes for ECO and Sport. However, as with any car you are driving for the first time, you may need a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the controls, browser and other accessories. We will help you to do this at the collection points.

Is it difficult to drive an electric bike?

Not at all. The electric bike is ridden just like any scooter without gears. It’s even easier to handle because it has no clutch, so it responds smoothly and acceleration is very soft. You will be amazed by the response of the engine; and you will love the vibration-free feeling at traffic lights.

How will I recharge the battery of my electric car?

Electric cars have one or more connectors (input jacks) which need to be connected by a cable to the power supply. To connect to the network, you just need the cable you carry in the boot of the car, or the one at the charging point. As you would do with a mobile phone or computer, you will need to make sure that the output and input types are compatible. On our website you will find information on what type of connector each car has and what type of connectors are offered at each of our selected accommodations. The possibility of connection to a domestic plug is offered with all cars. Check if the car you intend to rent includes all cables or whether they are offered as an option at the time of booking. If you want more information about the modes of recharge and types of connectors, we recommend you to read our blog article about the subject.

How do you deliver up the car battery?

The cars are delivered with fully charged batteries. They must be returned with enough charge for at least 40 km of driving, to enable them to be taken to the recharging centres. A surcharge may be applied for cars returned with less than 40km. If you are in any doubt, please read the conditions of your contract.

How do I recharge the battery of an electric bike?

A recharger cable with a Schuko plug is incorporated with all bikes and can be recharged at any supply point which has Schuko connectors. The capacity of the batteries means it only takes a short time to fully recharge.

What does NEDC means?

The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is a driving cycle designed to assess the emission levels of car engines and fuel economy in passenger cars. It is a test under very special conditions. In the case of electric vehicles, it serves to establish theoretical autonomy and is useful to compare the various models on the market.
The real autonomy of electric vehicles is usually 35% below the one calculated with the NEDC cycle.

How does the insurance work?

Rental vehicles do not have the same insurances as those we are accustomed to on an individual level. Rental cars have several coverages contracted with an insurance company. The driver/s subrogates such coverages or part of them at the time of signing the rental contract.

All cars and motorcycles have compulsory third party liability coverage. Other coverages are specified in the contract and may or may not have a franchise. The franchise means that up to the amount, the customer must pay, provided that the customer is responsible.

Wattacars recommends that you always take the maximum coverage that the provider offers.

On our website you will find all the information we have about the particular conditions of each vehicle that we offer, but you should always review the contract at the point of collection.

Can I rent if I am under the age of 25?

Most of our models can be rented if you are older than 21 and have held a driving license for more than 2 years. For drivers under 25 a supplement is usually applied, which corresponds to the young driver premium applied by the insurance companies.

What is your pricing policy?

Wattacars has agreements with several suppliers and our prices are the same as the ones you will find at pick up points. This means you can be confident that our prices are always competitive. In addition, if you visit our website frequently, you will find further, special discounts; which are only available to Wattacars customers.

What driving license do I need to drive a electric scooter?

You will need the same driving license you would need for any equivalent bike. For the Govecs Go! S3.4 you will need permission to drive scooters up to 125 cc. (license A1) or automobiles B1 with two years of seniority, i.e. the equivalent to that of a 125cc motorcycle. You can check on our website to see which category (in cc. equivalent) corresponds to the bike that you want to rent.

Will I only be able to load in the hotels listed on your web site?

Of course not!
Wattacars offers you this option because we believe that loading your vehicle during rest periods is the most comfortable, for example when you are on holiday or travelling on business; but if you decide to reload at any other time, continue reading.
When you pick up your vehicle, we will let you know about the public access recharge points that you can use during the rental period. You will be given up to date information on the location of connectors and access modes.

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