A day at the Races

Last September 1st took place at the Circuit de Calafat (Tarragona) the ecoGP, a 6-hour endurance race for electric vehicles. The test, organized by electromaps, was completely free, previous registration, for all electric cars.


The Goal

The objective of the test, which in its fifth edition has been open to all participants, is to perform the maximum number of laps to the circuit in 6 hours. It is allowed to stop and recharge as many times as it is considered necessary, although the chargers available in this occasion were Schuko, Cetac of 32Ah and Cetac of 16Ah, without possibility of fast charging. The strategy, speed and number of stops to load, was important especially for those models with less battery range.


Brands and Models

In Calafat we saw: Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and Model X, Hyundai Ionic, Renault ZOE, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Kia Soul, Renault Fluence and Opel Ampera.

The competition, however, was not the main objective of all participants, who in a festive and relaxed atmosphere, tried to get the most out of their vehicles, but above all, know a little better the performance of each model and spend a pleasant day dedicated to electromobility.

And although the race was divided into categories and was resistance, inevitably, the rivalry between drivers gave us some moments of dubious efficiency in which the pilots tried to make the fast lap to the Circuit.


And the Winner is…

We congratulate the winner, Markus, who with his Tesla Roadster, made the maximum number of laps and also the fastest lap. He left us totally admired for his ability to drive in the circuit, practically non stopping during the 6 hours of test.

Wattacars was present in the test supporting the electromaps team.

Thank you all for a great Day at the Races, without noise or bad smells!