Make your journey more sustainable

Electric Car Rental

Wattacars is an electric vehicle rental platform

We like walking, running and cycling.
We are enthusiastic about mountaineering.
We love to stroll along the beach.
We love the city.

We are committed to sustainable tourism.

We believe in mobility as part of the solution to transport problems.

We believe in renting as an option to the needs of individual transport.

Because we dream of a gentler, less aggressive and less polluted world.

Because we believe in the need to reduce emissions of CO2 and particles, we propose a change for the planet.

Walk, run, ride. Use public transport. And rent electric!

  • 100% electric Car Rental and Motorcycle Rental

  • Clear information on prices. No hidden costs

  • Ev-friendly accommodations that will allow you to recharge your car comfortably

  • Information and support at the collection point of the vehicle

  • Itineraries designed to enjoy the advantages of the electric vehicle

  • Maximum facilities so that your experience is optimal

  • Contribute to environmental sustainability

  • Experience the pleasure of driving different models of electric vehicles

  • Reduce the ecological footprint of your trips

  • Save energy

  • Eliminate the cost of fuel

  • Forget confusing fuel policies

  • Relax

  • Discover

Electric Car Rental

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