The Platform LIVE has presented in Barcelona the strategy of development of the Municipal Programs of Electric Mobility

The public-private entity is integrated, among others, by the City Council of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Activa, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), the Conselleria de Territori i Sostenibilitat, the Agency for the Competitiveness of Enterprise (ACCIÓ), the Institut Català d’Energia (ICAEN), Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) and the main manufacturers SEAT, Nissan, Volkswagen-Audi Spain and Renault, as well as the companies Gas Natural Fenosa and ETRA.

The Project

The project named Electriciutat (Electri-City)was developed jointly with Nissan, which produces the 100% electric model e-NV200 in Barcelona, ​​and has as main objective to elaborate the strategic plans of electric mobility of Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Terrassa and Sabadell, accompanied by five communication campaigns that will be adapted to the needs of each town, as well as the realization of a master plan that can be adhered to the urban mobility plans.


The presentation of the program, which took place in the magnificent Hall of Chronicles of the City Council, was attended by the President of the LIVE Platform and Mobility Councilor of the Barcelona City Council, Mercedes Vidal, the Executive Director of the Platform, Ángel López and Nissan Iberia Marketing Director Christian Costaganna.
The presentation also had a round table formed by representatives of the 5 consistories:

Joan Alcalà Quiñones, Deputy Mayor of Urbanism of the Girona City Council

Esther Fanlo Grasa, Coordinator of Sustainability of the City of Lleida

Xavier Guerrero, Public Space Councilor of the City of Sabadell

Mr Conejero, from the Tarragona City Council

Marc Armengol i Puig, Deputy Mayor of the area of ​​Territori i Sostenibilitat of the City Council of Terrassa
The 5 municipalities have been accompanied by the Director of Communication of Nissan Iberia, Francesc Corberó, and the Director of Mobility and Transport of the AMB, Joan Maria Bigas, to contextualize and emphasize the importance of getting the 5 municipalities to develop a plan in their localities, as well as a master plan that can be attached to the development of Urban Mobility Plans (PMUS) of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB).

Project Strategy

The project strategy pursues four main objectives: to stimulate the demand for electric vehicles in Catalonia, to develop the appropriate infrastructure to support its implementation, to raise public awareness with communication campaigns based on the existing advantages of sustainable mobility and to boost economic development of the sector.
In this sense, the consistories of the five municipalities are committed to provide the information and collaboration necessary to make the diagnosis for the subsequent elaboration of the mobility and communication plan. The implementation of the Programs of this initiative will depend on the schedule and budgetary availability of each session, with a base budget of 32,000 euros by the Platform LIVE to carry out the technical tasks for drafting the plans and the preparation of the Communication campaigns.
The entity has marked its own road map for the next two years. The members of the Platform will work to achieve a total of 9 urban, social, communicative, educational and infrastructure challenges. The challenges represent the entity’s 2017-2018 action plan, and encompass the synergies of all members of the LIVE Platform.


All participants in the presentation stressed the importance of collaborative initiatives that allow the consistories with fewer resources to continue advancing in the implementation of Electric Mobility, sharing experiences and taking advantage of the leadership of municipalities like Barcelona.
The municipal representatives have stressed the need to continue working on the Municipal Mobility plans, integrating the Electrical Mobility as a fundamental part of them.