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Toulouse – Cité de l'Espace

The Cité de l’espace is located in Toulouse, the European Capital of Space, where the most important companies and organizations of the aerospace sector are concentrated. The aim of the Cité de l’espace is to show the public the scientific and human aspects that surround the wonderful adventure for the conquest of the universe.
In a playful environment, the visitor can discover a scale model of the Ariane 5 rocket, enter the Mir space station and go inside a module of the Soyuz spacecraft.
The park also has a planetarium for 140 people and another for 280 in which to discover the universe that surrounds us.
The so-called Terradome projects in a hemisphere the history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the formation of the Solar System.
The Cité de l’Espace features numerous exhibits, interactive spaces and an IMAX cinema currently showing Space Station 3D, a 3D movie filmed aboard the Stellarium, the International Space Station.
In the parking lot of the Cité de l’espace you will find parking spaces for your electric vehicle with Scame, Mennekes and Schuko chargers.

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