Carla and Mario

A day either. At 8 tomorrow-Carla picks up the car family to go to post to by a package. Notice that the marker of the fuel tank It is already in the last quarter. Good, think, more than enough to go and return.

Are the 4 in the afternoon. Mario needs the car to go to the supermarket. The needle indicates that the tank is almost empty. Go, think, Carla could be last by the gas station. The supermarket is nearby, so don't worry too much. To the turned, is turned on the light of the book. Passes in front of the Service station. Does heat, there are tail and carries frozen in the trunk. Not is the best time to fill the tank.

To the 8 of the evening Carla and Mario are are arranging for exit. Have a dinner at House of some friends. As usual, time is check them over. While is heated the dinner of them children, Carla puts in a bag the bottle of wine of the Priorat that has bought Mario as a gift to the host.

To them 9, time in that should be coming to House of their friends, go up to the car and is dan has horrified of that not have quite fuel to get to destination. Mario complains to Carla not have thrown gasoline for it tomorrow. Carla complains Mario have not done in the afternoon. With or without reproach, the only solution is to pass by the gas station, what them forced to divert is of the planned route.

With evident disgust, dress with its new pants of thread white, Mario is directed to the supplier and choose the Super Green 98, that imagines must be more ecological. It will have it. "Will spot them pants and perfumes car and occupants of"Eau d'Essence”.

When they finally arrive home from his friends, starts a conversation about so unpleasant that it is throw gasoline. All admit that they hate to go to the gas station and that they avoid to take the car when they know it is in reserve to carry the dead to another.


Mary and Carlos

A day either, Carlos is rises early to go to the pool municipal. Disconnect the Charger and picks up the car with the battery charged to the 100%. Mark 190 km of autonomy. At the turn of the pool, the odometer indicates that it has traveled 22 km. The marker indicates still 184 km of autonomy. He smiles. She loves to be more efficient that Maria when driving.

At 8:35, Maria get in the car to take the kids to school. It then focuses on the industrial estate where he works 35 km from his home. In total he has made 40 km and the scoreboard tells that they are 140 km of autonomy. In his company, soon will be installed recharging points for employeesIt will be even more comfortable for Mary.

To them 17:00 Maria returns to house with the children and the indicator of autonomy at 99 km away connecting the charger, in the usual way.

9, Carlos and Maria are arranging for dinner at a friends house. It's hot. Is fired from the children, unplugged the charger and enter in the car. Mark 147 km of autonomy. With the air conditioning to stop, run through 27 km and arrive, late as always, with the marker to 119 km.

Their friends them receive in the garden, advantages of live out of the city, and them presented to them others invited, that, as is usual, them interrogate on your car...

Of return to House after the veiled, the indicator of autonomy marks 98 km. connect the charger to have again the battery to the 100% to it tomorrow next.

And not Carlos and Maria never discussed? Maybe Yes. Often are fighting for the electric car… And never agree on which of the two leads in the most efficient way!

(This story is based on people and made real)