Make your journey more sustainable

Govecs GO! S 3.4

  • WLTP range: 70 km
  • Maximum speed: 85 km/h
  • Number of passengers: 2

The electric scooter Govecs GO! S3.4 is a moped comparable to a 125cc, with an incredible engine torque that gives very good response in outputs and overtaking. The battery management system greatly reduces consumption, so you can easily reach the 50-60 km on a single charge.

It’s lightweight lithium battery of 3kWh is loaded in a few hours using a domestic plug. The cable is stowed underneath the seat, where there is also space to keep a helmet.

Many bars and restaurants offer their customers the opportunity to charge electric bikes – more in your pocket to spend on a good aperitif!

You only need to have held a Class B driving license for two years or a permission type A1.

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